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Top 8 Apps For Women in 2020

Girls may run the world according to Beyonce, but sometimes the secret of their success is literally in the palm of their hand. For most women, a mobile phone isn’t just for talking and texting; thanks to apps it has become a personal trainer, cooking instructor, fashion consultant and more all rolled into one. According to an AdWeek study, women use mobile phones to help them manage every aspect of their lives, and 70% check their phones within five minutes of waking up.

There’s a mobile app for just about everything women may need assistance with. Here’s a look at the top apps every woman should be using to help their life run a little smoother.

the apps we love the most

1. Sworkit

Only have five minutes to spare for exercise during a jam packed day? There’s an exercise for that, thanks to Sworkit, an app developed to provide busy people with workout plans customized just for them and their schedule. Just put in the amount of time you have to devote to physical activity and select a workout from the provided selections. The app helps anyone of any fitness level stay on track with exercise without access to a gym or equipment. Each workout comes with instructions, verbal cues, and video demos to help you perfect the moves. Sworkit throws cold water on any excuses you have about not being able to get your butt moving.

2. Tasty

Whether you’re looking for healthy weekday lunches to make on the weekend or creative ways to use up stale pita bread, Tasty has you covered. The app version of the popular Buzzfeed-created site and Facebook page offers thousands of recipes that link to Walmart and in case you’re missing cooking equipment or utensils to turn out the perfect dish. The step-by-step mode walks you through recipes with ease, and the app allows you to filter by food preferences. You could say that Tasty puts the app in bon appetit!

3. Clue Period + Ovulation Tracker

Whether you’re looking to conceive a child or know which days you need to use protection if you don’t want to get pregnant, the Clue app tracks your menstrual cycle. You’ll know the best days of the month to schedule play time with your partner in order to conceive, when to pack a tampon in your bag, and receive reminders to take your birth control pill. And unlike many other fertility apps, Clue allows you to log your basal body temperature for the most accurate results.

4. Mint

It can be confusing to keep track of your monthly income, expenses, debt, and savings, especially when you have to log into multiple sites to access accounts. From the makers of Turbo Tax comes Mint, a money management app that consolidates it all in one place for you. You can pay your bills, see who cashed checks, pad your emergency savings fund and more with a tap.

Mint also gives you handy tips on how you can stretch dollars and make your money work harder for you. It calculates your credit score, tells you if your retirement fund is on track, and will give you budget goals for a home, vacation, or other large expense. With so many helpful features, Mint can help even the most money inept person feel almost like a financial planner.

5. Oh She Glows

There are plenty of cooking apps out there if calories aren’t a concern. But if you’re on a plant-based diet or wish to cut processed foods from mealtime, Oh She Glows should be your go-to app. Created by a food blogger, it complies more than eight years’ worth of healthy yet tasty meatless recipes such as teriyaki veggie noodle bowl and gourmet chia seed pudding.

The app offers advanced filtering so you can search for recipes based on dietary restrictions, seasonal One of its most unique features is the ability to cross off the steps and ingredients used in a recipe as you progress through the prep work so you don’t lose your place.

6. Poshmark

Need to clean out your closet? Why not make a little extra cash by posting gently or unused clothing items and accessories on Poshmark? The app allows you to take photos of items, post a description, and price them accordingly. The app is also a dream come true for fashionistas on a budget. You never know what you may find in other users’ closets, from vintage finds to designer brand items.

7. Noonlight

Do you sometimes encounter situations where you feel unsafe, such as walking alone in a parking garage or using Uber by yourself? Give yourself peace of mind with Noonlight. Called America’s no. one safety app, Noonlight may be one of the most innovative new personal safety tools ever developed. If you ever find yourself in an environment where you feel unsafe, open the Noonlight app and hold the button until you are out of danger. Once released, you enter a four-digit pin to indicate you’re OK. If you don’t enter the pin, local police will be notified of your exact location and emergency.

You can also enter information that will be shared with authorities before you meet someone for a date and create a safety network so friends can watch out for you and notify police if something seem suspicious. Noonlight offers 100% coverage throughout the U.S. and add-on features so you’ll always feel safe no matter where you go.  

8. Headspace

Feeling frazzled? Need a meditation to help you take a breather during your lunch break or get a better night’s sleep? Headspace is like having your own personal mindfulness guru at your fingertips. You’ll learn how to focus on your breathing, manage your thoughts, and be present for a more well balanced life. There are meditations to help you navigate any challenging area in life, whether it’s relationships, health, work, dealing with death, and more.

If the sandman has been elusive, check out the app’s Sleep by Headspace feature which walks you through a relaxing meditation accompanied by music to help you get more shuteye. The screen will even be dimmed so you won’t be distracted by the light.

The app even offers meditations aimed at kids, and a subscription level gives you access to courses and an even larger library of meditations.

The best part about all of these apps? Most of them are free or only cost a few dollars a month. Check them out if you need a little extra help running the world—or just your home!

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